GIST The first Crypto Trading Platform based on Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis

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What is GIST?

A fundamentally new trading indicator based on AI

GIST platform is a tool for making investment decisions in the world of crypto assets based on the analysis and evaluation of the information flow with the application of artificial intelligence.

Our platform uses the latest technologies of processing Big Data and Machine Learning to automate the following tasks:

  • Collection of information from an unlimited number of sources;
  • Content and sentiment analysis;
  • Filtration of information by its relevance to the asset;
  • Clusterization of information by topics and news events;
  • Ranking of information and sources by their impact on the market;
  • Evaluation of the current information background for investment decisions making;

How does it work?

Better than all khown indicators

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Crowd psychology

Fundamental research projects in the field of behavioral economics has shown that decisions made by market participants are often irrational and influenced by psychological, cognitive, emotional and social factors.

Several Nobel prizes in economics have been awarded for researches in the field of behavioral economics (Daniel Kahneman (2002), Robert Schiller (2013), Richard Thaler (2017)).

One of the reasons for investors irrational behavior is excessive or insufficient reaction to news information. This problem manifests itself particularly acute in the crypto asset market, where the high volatility is largely determined by the information background.

A number of modern research projects have shown correlation between the dynamics of prices on stock markets and the content of news and social media resources

What is inside?

Unique software and hardware complex

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

GIST platform continuously tracks a large number of both public and private sources of information (media, information portals, forums, chats, channels, Twitter, social networks) to search for news and messages related to the asset. It also follows links in the text of relevant news to expand the list of sources to be monitored, and in the case of reposts, to find the original news message.

GIST platform uses state-of-the-art computational linguistics approaches (syntactic, semantic, and morphological text analysis; domain ontology; sentiment analysis; topic modeling) and deep learning methods (recurrent neural networks) for automated data analysis.

By using graph algorithms, GIST ranks news and news sources by the impact they have on the market with an option to specify the topic of interest (for example, selection by token or coin).

Why we have started with cryptomarket

Crypto Exchange User Growth
  • 1high GROWTH rate
  • 2market YOUTH
  • 3high VOLATILITY
  • 4crowd opinion DEPENDENCE
  • 5LACK of information
  • 6easy to MANIPULATE


Profitable trading signals

We have launched our GIST prototype since the 1st of October 2017 using Twitter and news sources. GIST is now evaluating all relevant Twitter messages and news in English by AI sentiment analysis and GIST Index of Sentiment Shock and Sentiment Trend to make buy/sell signals for BTC/USD.

The profit starting from GIST launch is 428%

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What is next?

GIST platform development


  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trading signals
  • Trading bots
  • Announcements
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • News compilation
  • Exchange statistics
  • Blockchain statistics
  • Strategy sharing and trade
  • ICO projects


  • English
  • Russian
  • Chineese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Arabic


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Fiat
  • Securities
  • Commodities
  • Options


  • Web
  • Mobile app
  • Web Socket

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Q1-Q4 Project team developed an AI platform
for social networks monitoring
Q1-Q4 Adaptation of the AI platform to the crypto world
Q1 Start of the GIST project
Q2 MVP development and test
Q3 Commercial version
Q4 Trading bots, technical and fundamental analysis, analitics
Q1 Mobile application
Q2 Additional languages
Q3 Transition to own infrastructure
Q4 GIST platform on classical financial markets
Q1-Q4 GIST is a trusted AI trading platform